Friends blogging on my book signing event

9 11 2013

:My friend Ayman Kinayefti wrote

Congratulations for my friend and my comrade Atallah Al Salim on his first published book “ Modaf Elayha”. It has been a beautiful and glorious path with you my comrade. Six years now we are friends, and yet our friendship keeps on flourishing.

The first time I met Al-Salim was in a proletariat demonstration in Beirut against the capitalist exploitation of the Lebanese government. He got my attention with his charismatic personality, which triggered me to know more about this young man, a furious angry Lebanese who knew what to do and how to act upon it in all circumstances.  Atallah Al – Salim, a comrade of mine in the Communist Party in Lebanon, who is also a senior researcher at UNRWA, dedicated his life and his time to serve his cause. He is a goal oriented young man, graduated from the Lebanese American University in Beirut holding the Political Science major to use it for his fight against capitalism. This young man is a combination of both romanticism and realism. This combination made him the man he is now, a researcher, an activist, a communist and a poet. His book “ Modaf Elayha” is an Arabic poetry book, which deals with politics, love, relations and life.

I am honored to have such a comrade as a best friend of mine. People like you give me the motivation and inspiration to work for a better so


:My friend, Saria Francis, wrote

By coincidence is how I met my friend Atallah.
Atallah is free man, a communist, a researcher, a poet and an activist.
We lived in the same neighborhood, and shared the same values and hopes.
We argued on what is right and what is wrong. We lobbied for the poor and the forgotten. We urged people to follow our lead.
He was a political activist.
I was a humanitarian activist.
We had a major thing in common: human kind.
Atallah was always a devoted romantic writer and an outspoken person.
We followed him throughout his many poetry readings. We listened and relished every word. We wondered about others. Then we awaited new verses.
Throughout the years, Atallah, only 26 years old, assembled a large selection of poems tackling love, politics and life, and decided to finally publish them.
He compiled these verses in his Arabic poetry book “Modaf Elayha.”
The book signing was a success. Friends, comrades and family gathered around Atallah. One could feel a mix of honor and warmth around the crowd.
Atallah’s sentences meant to be read over and over again because the metaphors they stir are so long lasting you would want to be able to hold onto them through the current and storm of everyday life.
He took his time with each person and let the line grow longer and longer.
All his friends were there, and every person had a place in Atallah’s life and book…someh



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9 11 2013

🙂 Congards My friend

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