On the business environment in Lebanon- drawing on my experience

21 03 2014

I graduated in 2009 and throughout the past five years, I had managed to work in four different institutions in the fields of civil society, media, and international humanitarian aid. Each and every institution taught me new skills, exposed me to high profile people, and challenged me in a way or another. While this could be the nice part of my career path so far, however, I had the chance to clearly see corruption, nepotism, egoism, exploitation of human being, and much more.

You will eventually regret your skill in Arabic language when a board member in a non-governmental organization asks you to draft a speech he is supposed to write and then amend it like ten times. Oh wait, if you think these changes would be over the content, then please stop being so serious about it. It is only because he does not know how to deliver a speech and he needs words that are very simple and used by elementary five students yet the content is too technical. If you ever thought online media is interesting especially with the fact that you are subscribed to the newswires and its literally you are the first one in the world to know breaking news, then please do not get over-amused about it. Imagine that your manager text you when he go to shit and ask you to follow up on a certain news; isn’t your immediate reaction to have shit on him first before clarifying the situation. By the way, this particular person had caused three staffers to resign in two months- I bet he should work with the government especially that he proved to be an expert in downsizing the labor force. If you ever thought working hard and doing tasks that was not listed in your job description would eventually lead your manager to write you a letter of recommendation that would be helpful in your application to a graduate study program, then please stop being a high-ambitious person. Most ironically, the manager also teaches at the same faculty I am applying to so he was literally the perfect person to issue such a letter. Now, take a rest and if you are expecting to write down what happened to me at UNRWA- the organization I used to work for- then please do not be over expecting person since this will be detailed in an another blog post.




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21 03 2014

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While this could be the nice part of my career path so far, however, I had the chance to clearly see corruption, nepotism, egoism, exploitation of human being, and much more.

25 03 2014
Farah Abdel Sater

Dear Atallah, it is not optional to leave a comment on this piece, but rather a duty as it clearly defines what most of us went through at one stage of our careers. I loved how honest and straightforward it is, and I also understand the position you’re in, however I’d also advise you to take the next post from reactive to proactive. Turn this perhaps into a micro-forum where people can voice concerns on the corruption in the Non-Governmental sector. Who knows? you can even lead the next NGO Monitor in town.

If you liked the idea, I’m available to talk anytime


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