Reflections on Beirut- the city, the people, and lifestyle

9 02 2016

Contributing Author*

Beirut…Oh where do I start with this beautiful city? Beirut is my three in one cup of Nescafe, it’s that airplane that is taking off from the runway, that is shaking on lift off because the luggage is moving side to side…However, after a certain amount of time, Beirut levels out and gets stable after hitting its altitude…Beirut gives you the opportunity to land on the run way…get to your gate and be welcomed by everyone, or you can crash in the sea


Beirut is the city of angels, city of death, city of recovery, city of corruption; Beirut is anything you want it to be. If you need to recover from anything in life…It is the perfect place to face your fears, and challenge yourself to become a stronger person. If you can drive here, live here, function properly with the right surroundings, then you  can do anything you want in this life. If you are looking to throw your life away, you can also do that here!

الصورة لحسين بيضون

الصورة لحسين بيضون


Beirut just gives you options; life options that you will not see anywhere else. Through my two months stay in this country, I have been seeing business men, high class, homeless people, religious people, political clans, multinational corporations, prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, refugees, freedom fighters etc…All walking down the same sidewalk. For god’s sake, where else can you something as beautiful as this? It feels like the continents’ ocean waves flowing right next to you when Beirut allows you to choose your own destiny. Accomplish “Beirut” successfully, have a kind heart, walk with the right people, and you will find yourself walking in a city of love of and success.


Many have this image of Beirut…as a place that has gone down the gutter. However, that is not the case. People do not realize that Beirut is a city of freedom and OPTIONS. Many complain, but there’s nothing to complain about. The task at hand is simple, Beirut is a challenge. Beirut is that workout you have to do in the gym and you know it will be tough to grind out, but you get through it anyway and you might be sore…But it is always worth it.

That is Beirut…for me at the moment. And on a side note…The food??? Talk about BLESSED! I mean Barbar is so powerful…They give you their sandwiches…and make you cross the street to get fries???? TALK ABOUT POWER HEHE…Perceive anything you see here in your own vision, build your own empire, make your own decisions, become the man you want to be here, or the woman you want to be here. Take that knowledge..Spread it around the world when you leave positively or negatively…depending on the person you are, pass it down to your children…



 Note: This piece is written by my cousin Ali, 27 years old. He was born and raised in the United States. He has been in Lebanon since early December 2015.




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