Stability is Stapling

16 02 2016

We often hear that stability is what we aim for as human beings and when we reach it, our life is healthy.

We often hear that settling down and having a family is a richest life we will ever live.

We often hear that maturity is about baring the consequences of our choices and decisions in life.

Still, I do not get it. I do not get the big titles that we hear of all our lives regarding marriage, career, love and family.

The false attitude towards it all is predicting our lives like we predict the ending of a movie.  Or like having an advice as if we are some encyclopedias of life.

Going back to the title of this piece, stability is stapling. Let me refresh your memories on the act of stapling. You open a staple, insert the staple pins either fill it or just upon your need, and start the stapling process but always be careful that it won’t poke your finger. And if it does, it is painful, and blood comes out and if the pin is stuck, you need to make an effort to remove it as quickly as possible.

Image from internet

Image from internet

Stability is same as stapling, you choose and fill it up with decisions and goals, and you use it whenever you need to attach the reality with goals. But sometimes while doing so, you will end up hurting yourself i.e. sacrifices need to be considered along the way.

In this phase of my life, I have realized that stability is not a clear formula, as much as we aim for it, reality does not speak the same language as our goals. We always have to consider using pins to attach and relate to both ends.

Nevertheless, pain will always make us realize either to reconsider our choices or not tounderestimate the process and try again.

Image from Internet

Image from Internet

Staple is a weapon, pins are the base, but base gets rotten with time, therefore we always have to be prepared to change the pins so the base won’t be ruined after all of these years.

This piece was written by Assil Ayyash, founder and director of Aswar theatre troupe in Tyre and Creator of Clouds Projects. Assil is also an instructor at the Lebanese International University (LIU), Tyre campus.




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17 02 2016

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